Protecting Yourself Against the Next Downturn

Are your investments protected from market volatility? Learn how diversification and rebalancing can help you weather the next downturn.

Surfing Tips for Investors

Investors surfing the current stock market wave can manage downside risk to avoid wiping out their retirement savings.

How ‘Modern’ Is Your Portfolio?

My girls came in to the office last week to fulfill their summer duties as the official Cutter Financial Group landscaping crew. I have to admit, they do good work, although with the size of our office front lawn, they don’t have a sprawling forest to contend with. Next time you drive past our office […]

Are You Financially Literate?

Each year I teach a one-day class on financial basics to the graduating cadets at my alma mater, Massachusetts Maritime Academy. I love having the opportunity to teach these fine young men and women the fundamental financial skills that so many do not otherwise learn during school.   I always try to teach it during […]