Protect Your Retirement by Improving Your Credit Score

A bad credit score can have a direct effect on your retirement. Find out how to improve your credit score to protect yourself and your family.

Protecting Your Identity

Credit bureau hacks are such a routine news story these days, it’s easy to get lulled into a sense of complacency about what to do. Educated investors can follow these tips to make sure they’re well-protected.

Paying Medical Bills: Understand Your Options

Don’t let unforeseen medical expenses crush your financial goals. Learn some tips to help navigate the expensive and confusing labyrinth of medical costs and insurance.

Checkout Fees on Credit Cards may Greet Consumers in the New Year

Starting January 27th, 2013, savvy shoppers will have one more variable to consider when deciding where to buy their goods.  This marks the first day that retailers have the right to pass the cost of using credit cards on to their customers directly, using what is called a checkout or swipe fee. The fee, which […]