The “Blood, Sweat & Tears” Era For Investors

I’ve often heard the stock market being compared to a roller coaster. It goes up; it goes down. It twists and it turns. It even can make you sick to your stomach sometimes. All of this is true. But my issue with that comparison is that a roller coaster always returns to where it started. […]

Before Thunder, There’s Lightning

A few weeks back, a Cutter Family Finance faithful, let’s call him John, reached out to me via e-mail. The gist of John’s e-mail was to defend his outdated investment strategy. He admitted to me that he has no downside risk management triggers in place, (which you all know I believe are necessary). He also […]

Finished With Engines … Not Quite Yet

There are certain times in my professional career that I just shake my head in disbelief at what some view as acceptable advice. Last week, Cindy from the Lower Cape came to see me. Cindy is a lovely woman who just turned 66 and is retiring in January. She has saved about $850K, has a […]

In Sickness And In Health, How Will Your Strategy Hold Up?

Anyone who has had or currently has a significant other knows that when everything is going right, every relationship seems perfect. But the truly great relationships, the ones that last for the long haul, are able to survive even during the rough times. Those are the times that separate the truly solid relationships from the […]