What Is The Best Mutual Fund Class For You?

I’ve said before that the devil of the financial world is in the details. And in my opinion, the real devil is assuming that you understand the details, when really you don’t.   A few weeks ago, a new client came in to our office to meet with Susan Roman and me, let’s call him […]

Nothing To Lose And Everything To Gain

I really do not like traveling for work, seriously. I am a family guy. Most nights, I coach my girls’ softball teams; go home for supper; hang out with the kids to hear about their day; say prayers and kiss them goodnight; watch some TV with Jill; and then hit the rack. I know, I […]

Don’t Get ‘Sold’

A few weeks back, Jerry, a 67-year-old gentleman, walked into my office and asked about “stress testing” his retirement plan. I do a lot of these stress tests and, frankly, I hear the same thing over and over: “I think I feel pretty good about my plan.” When I asked Jerry what his financial goals […]

A Daughter’s Concern

Most Cutter Family Finances readers are 40 years old and up. You all have a common thread that joins you together. You are trying to understand how this somewhat complicated financial industry works and how to make it work for you. You are trying to create a system that will lead to financial security and […]

Investors Shouldn’t Settle For What Is ‘Suitable’

Susan and I recently taught a class on retirement at the Falmouth Recreation Center through the Falmouth Adult Education program. In this class we teach folks how to cement a solid retirement foundation so they don’t have their golden years crumble. One of the six areas we cover is investments. Unsolicited, one of the students […]