What If…?

It’s a difficult discussion to have, but it’s absolutely necessary: Life insurance and appropriate estate planning can be crucial to a family’s financial future.

Trust As Beneficiary Of An IRA? Let’s Take A Look.

Last week, a very nice man from Orleans came to see me; let’s call him David. David is 72 and has been married to his wife, Judy, for 52 years. They have three children and seven grandchildren. David took a class that Susan and I teach at Cape Cod Community College on building retirement systems […]

The Final Plan–Thinking About The Unthinkable

Last week, Jeff wrote about two common concerns that retirees have: running out of money and paying for long-term care. As he explained, there are things you can do to alleviate those concerns. And, as we often say, having a plan in place is imperative to a successful retirement. Well, just as it is important […]

A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Christmas is around the corner. Many of us have spent the last week frantically trying to find Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to be able to give our loved ones as much as we possibly can. After all, if we can find a good deal on one thing, we may be able to give […]

Is Your IRA Stretchable?

I had a nice couple, Moe and Deb from Osterville, come to my office a couple of weeks ago for investment advice and estate planning. They had attended an earlier workshop I held, which got them questioning whether they had an adequate estate plan in place.   Their questions concerned their investments, particularly their IRAs. […]

Social Security – It’s Complicated!

A sound retirement plan consists of three essential pieces: an advanced tax plan (ATP), an income plan, and an investment plan. While the investment plan should be the nucleus, proper income and tax plans are critical and are often overlooked.   Social Security is a very important piece of the income strategy. Over the past […]

Trusts As Beneficiaries: Why?

Often when I am performing a financial review for folks, I am asked whether they should name a trust as the beneficiary of an IRA. The first question I ask anyone who is thinking of naming a trust as an IRA beneficiary is . . . Why?   Naming a trust as an IRA beneficiary […]

Jeff Cutter Financial Question of the Week: Estate as Beneficiary

Jeff Cutter answers the financial question of the week from Bill in Easton; My 83 year old dad passed away and he had a SEP IRA the beneficiary is listed as his estate and the sole beneficiary of the estate is me; who wants to do a stretch IRA.  Can i do this? To submit […]