Don’t Forget Your RMD Before The End Of The Year

Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) affect holders of tax-deferred retirement accounts starting at age 70 1/2. Understand what RMDs are and how they can work to your tax advantage.

Plan Early For Next Year’s Tax Changes

Big tax changes might be coming in 2017. Here are some tips for things educated investors can do to prepare for what’s to come.

What Returns Should We Expect?

They say that hindsight is 20/20, but in the financial industry, hindsight only gets you so far. And unfortunately, we do not know what the future will bring. Sure, back testing strategies, looking at historic trends, studying forecasting models and understanding leading economic indicators can help give us some guidance, but nothing and no one […]

Why Borrowing From A 401(k) Might Not Be The Best Idea

Last week, I taught a class at the Plymouth campus of Cape Cod Community College with Gerry, another advisor in our Plymouth office. This class has become quite popular. It is specifically designed to help students prepare for a sound retirement by teaching them how to build a solid retirement system. Cutter Family Finance readers […]

The Most Stressful Jobs In America

I just read an article about the most stressful jobs in America. Of course, everyone has different opinions on this topic, largely based on their personal experience. I guess it’s not surprising that the top three most stressful, difficult jobs are; 1) serving in the military, 2) being a parent, and 3) owning a small […]

‘Best’ Doesn’t Always Mean ‘Cheapest’

I talk a lot about retirement planning. To clients, to my class attendees, to you Cutter Family Finance readers, to Jill and my girls, even to my dog, Max, when I can’t sleep at night. After listening to my ramblings for years, everybody listed above can probably name over a dozen investment vehicles that pre-retirees […]

NUA—What You Need To Know

Jeff is away and so he asked me to write the article this week. At first I was hesitant. As I told him, he has very big shoes to fill. But then I decided it might be fun to teach you all about something very few people are aware of, a little-known tax break available […]

401(k) Plans And The Fiduciary Standard

My daughter Maeve has started to babysit. It’s hard for me to believe, as I still think of her as my baby. Nevertheless, she has been asked by family friends to start watching their kids. Before she said yes, Jill and I talked to Maeve about how babysitting is a huge responsibility. We drilled it […]

Tricky Rules Of A 401(k) Conversion

Folks, over the years I have suggested you seek advice that encompasses three areas of planning to create a sound financial system. You must incorporate advanced tax planning, income planning and investment planning into that system. And all three need to work together. Unfortunately, I find that most of the time when people seek financial […]