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Investing Again: Three Things to Keep in Mind

With the economy looking less hostile by the day, a lot of former investors are dusting off their savings accounts and looking for ways to get their money back into the market. Be it in stocks, bonds, treasuries, real estate, currencies, commodities, Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you’re looking to […]

Jeff Cutter Financial Question of the Week: Trustee to Trustee IRA Rollover

Jeff Cutter of Cutter Financial Group answers the financial question of the week from Anne in Born. Anne is 64 and ready to semi-retire.  She moved a small 401K to an IRA; trustee to trustee IRA Rollover? To submit your question head on over to and register to follow my blog!

The Tax Season Cometh: Putting your refund to work for you

With tax season just around the corner and the IRS having just released information that it plans to issue refunds about as quickly as it did last year (9 out of 10 refunds released in under 21 days (, now is the time to start considering what you’re going to do with your refund. While […]

Jeff Cutter Financial Question of the Week: Estate as Beneficiary

Jeff Cutter answers the financial question of the week from Bill in Easton; My 83 year old dad passed away and he had a SEP IRA the beneficiary is listed as his estate and the sole beneficiary of the estate is me; who wants to do a stretch IRA.  Can i do this? To submit […]

Jeff Cutter: Now Taking Financial Questions

Jeff Cutter, Financial Wealth Manager and President of Cutter Financial Group, will now be accepting your weekly financial questions.  The topics he will be covering can include, tax free retirement, wealth management, estate planning, financial planning, risk management, educational planning, insurance planning, social security planning and medical professionals.  Check out the video below! Got a […]

Checkout Fees on Credit Cards may Greet Consumers in the New Year

Starting January 27th, 2013, savvy shoppers will have one more variable to consider when deciding where to buy their goods.  This marks the first day that retailers have the right to pass the cost of using credit cards on to their customers directly, using what is called a checkout or swipe fee. The fee, which […]

Understanding The Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

Jeff Cutter explains the intricacies of the 2012 Taxpayer Relief Act, which could affect you this tax season!

The Truth Behind Bypass Trusts

While something of a ‘wait and see’ game, the portability rules governing a spouse’s unused estate tax exemption signed into (temporary) law in 2010 were all but guaranteed to become permanent in the new year. They provided an easier alternative to Bypass Trusts, which essentially became an extra step in securing estate funds that could […]

Keeping Your Budgeting and Exercise Goals Going Throughout the Year

Merely weeks into 2013, many New Year’s resolutions are at risk of becoming little more than faint memories.  As with sticking to any kind of goal, you’ll find yourself running into all kinds of roadblocks in the first month of your effort to change old habits. What we don’t often think about when we’re first […]

A Financial House Divided Cannot Stand

This content has been removed because of it’s time sensitive relevance and the advice contained. Check out our more recent blogs for more up to date financial planning content!