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Optimizing Social Security: A College Education

Two to three times a year I teach a course titled “Rejuvenate Your Retirement” at some local colleges. This course is extremely popular amongst the pre-retired and retired communities. I put this course together from real my life private practice experiences to help educate people in such areas as retirement income, health care and estate […]

You Have Been Warned

As the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial enter record territory; it comes with predictable certainty. If you are a student of market history like I am, you see that about every 5-6 years our economy enters a recessionary period* and we have a market correction. While I cannot predict the future of the […]

Jeff’s TALK BUSINESS 360 Interview

Considerations When Creating A Legacy

Recently, a couple from Sandwich was referred into me, as an Ed Slott Elite IRA expert and conservative wealth and financial manager. Let’s call them Jim and Anne. Jim and Anne are 73 and 74, respectively, and have one daughter, Jen who is 45. Jim and Anne were great savers through life. Jim owned his […]

Jeff Cutter Financial Question of the Week: Can I avoid Uncle Sam?!

Jeff Cutter answers the Financial Question of the Week from A.J. in Taunton who wants to know if he can avoid Uncle Sam? To submit your question head on over to and register to follow my blog!

How to Dig yourself out from debt

Debt: the deep hole that seems so effortless to dig but impossible to climb out from.  With every new credit plan comes a barrage of danger for consumers already drowning in bills.  It’s a problem that millions of Americans struggle through every day and for many it seems that there is no end in sight.  […]

Haven’t Filed Taxes Yet? What To Do Now!

This content has been removed because of it’s time sensitive relevance and the advice contained. Check out our more recent blogs for more up to date financial planning content!

Road to Retirement; To Work On The Golf Course or Be on the Golf Course.

Recently, Jill and I took our three girls to a water park out in Western Massachusetts. The anticipation was killing them. All we kept hearing was, “Are we there yet?” Doesn’t it always seem kids focus more on the destination and miss the journey. I started thinking, I am 45, and it seems like just […]

Jeff Cutter, CPA, PFS – Question of the Week- Disclaiming an IRA

Jeff Cutter of Cutter Financial Group answers this week Financial Question of the Week from Deb in Mattapoisett.  Deb wants to know about Disclaiming an IRA. To submit your question head on over to and register to follow my blog!

Fixed Rate vs. Adjustable Rate Mortgages: Which one is right for you?

With the American economy making a slow but steady recovery, it may be a good time to look at getting back into the housing market, be it finding a new home for your family or solid ground to retire on. For many, whether it be a first home or a new home, the decision between […]