Checkout Fees on Credit Cards may Greet Consumers in the New Year

Starting January 27th, 2013, savvy shoppers will have one more variable to consider when deciding where to buy their goods.  This marks the first day that retailers have the right to pass the cost of using credit cards on to their customers directly, using what is called a checkout or swipe fee. The fee, which […]

Understanding The Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

Jeff Cutter explains the intricacies of the 2012 Taxpayer Relief Act, which could affect you this tax season!

The Truth Behind Bypass Trusts

While something of a ‘wait and see’ game, the portability rules governing a spouse’s unused estate tax exemption signed into (temporary) law in 2010 were all but guaranteed to become permanent in the new year. They provided an easier alternative to Bypass Trusts, which essentially became an extra step in securing estate funds that could […]

Keeping Your Budgeting and Exercise Goals Going Throughout the Year

Merely weeks into 2013, many New Year’s resolutions are at risk of becoming little more than faint memories.  As with sticking to any kind of goal, you’ll find yourself running into all kinds of roadblocks in the first month of your effort to change old habits. What we don’t often think about when we’re first […]

A Financial House Divided Cannot Stand

This content has been removed because of it’s time sensitive relevance and the advice contained. Check out our more recent blogs for more up to date financial planning content!

New Year Means New Rules for IRAs

The dropping of the big ball on New Years Eve usually means resolutions, bowl games, and eating black-eyes-peas for good luck. This year, it also means some new rules taking effect to govern IRAs. According to a study funded by Green IRA, 41%, or 64.8 million households in the United States own an IRA, making […]

Shattering the “Glass Ceiling” of Retirement

We have all heard of the “glass ceiling,” and in recent decades, society as a whole has worked toward shattering it. Though many will argue that the ceiling is still intact, there is no question that women continue to approach it, and many have been able to break through. Despite the focus on that effort, […]

Tackling the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 In 5 Easy Steps

What is the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012? This act is a partial resolution to the United States fiscal cliff by addressing the expiration of certain tax provisions centered around what are called the Bush-era tax cuts. This act tackles the tax revenue side of a Congressional deficit reduction plan, was passed by the […]

The Road to Retirement: “Are We There Yet?”

Many people preparing for retirement feel like a kid on a road trip. “Are we there yet?” It’s the common feeling of anyone aiming for a destination. Unfortunately, for many future retirees it can feel like they are that cartoon character chasing after the sandwich hanging from the stick at their back. They keep running […]

5 Things to Know about your Parents’ Financial Future

Parents spend their entire lives planning for their children’s future but, as goes the circle of life, there comes a point when that responsibility starts to shift.  Many children take on the role of caretaker for their parents.  They do all the things that their parents once did for them: drive them to the store, […]